Sunday, October 31, 2010

Comics this week

Star Wars: Blood Ties #3- As I had said before, I’m not really a big fan of Star Wars much less Boba Fett. Having said that, writer Tom Taylor has managed to won me over with his interpretation of the character. Yes, the fight scene were a little weak considering how much better Boba was compared to the rest of the bounty hunters but overall Star Wars: Blood Ties continue to be an excellent read. Too bad there’s only one more issue left.

Uncanny X-Men #529- That’s it. I’m dropping Uncanny from my buy list. As Hope round up one more Light, Emma Frost hired Fantomex to kidnap Sebastian Shaw. I always had an issue with the prison in Utopia. Frankly, it’s a bad idea that they should get rid of ASAP. Seriously, the X-Men have Shaw, Empath and others under lock and key but allow Magneto to walk around free? Sounds stupid right? This issue didn’t help the problem and what’s worse is that Danger allowed the kidnapping to happen on some strange experiment to see if Frost is good or evil. Don’t look at me; it makes no sense to me either. So I’m dropping Uncanny from my buy list. You can’t say I didn’t give them a chance.

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