Thursday, October 14, 2010

Miracle Rescue

When a cave-in on August 5 trapped 33 miners over 2,000 feet underground in a copper mine in northern Chile, I thought it was a great tragedy. When I heard that the men could only be rescued by Christmas, I thought they were dead.

Show what I know!

In a show of amazing human spirit, all 33 trapped miners have been rescued from the mine. In a painstaking operation, a specially designed steel capsule barely big enough than a man was inserted into the mine and one by one, the miners were pulled to safety.

The men were trapped for 69 days, over 2,000 feet underground; hell, no one even knew they were alive for 17 days after the cave-in! Yet now, all 33 of them are safe and sound. I am still amazed they were able to do it!

The word has been overused but in this case it fits; this is truly a miracle!

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