Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Stupid Pullout

In Europe, football teams tried their very best to enter the premier European Championship, the Champions League. Not so in Singapore! The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) announced that Singapore will not be entering the Asian Football Confederation (ACL) Champions League.

The FAS said that this decision is necessary because Singapore has 3 foreign teams in the S-League, so we are unable to abide by one of the ACL rules which state that there must not be any foreign teams in the domestic league. So the FAS rather pull out of the ACL best competition then asking the foreign teams to pull out.

What’s my feeling of the pullout? The FAS is stupid! Really, there is just no other word to describe it. I mean outside Albirex Niigata, all the other foreign teams in the S-League comes and go. I mean I lost count of the number of foreign teams we had thus far because they come, stay for 1-2 seasons, and then disappeared. So why in the world are the foreign teams in the S-League more important for the development of football than the most prestigious team competition in Asia?

It’s not!


Anonymous said...

The FAS management has been *infected by Stupid Germs left over by MBT. Stupid decision like this come as no surprise if they follow the logic of MBT in discharging their duties.

Perhaps the other reason is fear. They, knowing the standard of the S-League (S does not stand for Stupid here) football, will rather not embarrass themselves in the region.

Note :
* infected as in literally speaking

Anonymous said...

Money talks!
it is because FAS gets to earn money from foreign team in S-league (no need to subsidise them), FAS don't get to earn money from teams participating in ACL.

Ghost said...

Almost everyone I spoke to agree with me on this. Singapore should NOT have pulled out of the ACL Champions League. It's a stupid decision.

john said...

Is this really true? I cant believe it!

Ghost said...

Oh yes, it is true. Unbelievable but true