Saturday, May 7, 2011

Comics this week

Annihilators #3- After 2 issues, writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning made a subtle change this issue. There’s no narration! And it’s a bloody good thing as the focus is now more on the action and the team. There wasn’t as much action this issue but it was understandable as the true nature of the threat facing the team was revealed. As a set-up issue, this was quite good and I look forward to the final issue of this series. I found the Rocket Raccoon/Groot back-up story was especially good this issue. Abnett and Lanning managed to give Rocket Raccoon a bizarre but interesting past that sound great, and they did in all in the midst of killer clowns and furry animals! Now that is a show of class right there!

Artifacts #7- Logic get thrown out of the window here as writer Ron Marz gear up for the final stretch of the series. The big problem I have is Finn. Since the Glacier Stone don’t have any transportation powers, I am kind of wondering how he got from Ireland to New York in one afternoon. Yes, I know it’s a minor point but sometimes this sort of thing is important, especially when we saw Finn, he was walking in the debris of the fight last issue. However I still like this issue. The reveal of the location of Hope Pezzini was timely as both Sara Pezzini (Witchblade) and Jackie Estacado (the Darkness) rushed to the side of their daughter, and the return of the Hunter-Killer team was welcome. The interaction between the Hunter-Killer, the artifact wielders and Cyberforce was fun as each team is run differently. Good issue.

Secret Six #33- After a few issues where the quality dropped off, I am happy to say Gail Simone has Secret Six back on track. I truly enjoyed this latest arc of the Six going to hell. With the Six in hell, Gail Simone's deranged series has gone a step even further off the deep end; to great results! Catman’s visit was especially disturbing yet also very revealing. I especially like the art by J. Calafiore this issue. His design of the hell’s version of the Secret Six stole the show this issue and I hope we get to them again soon.

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