Friday, May 20, 2011

Comics this week

DC Universe Online: Legends #8- Since its start, issues of DCUO: Legends had bounced between the past (before Brainiac invaded Earth) and the present (the aftermath of the successful invasion). #7 and #8 broke the trend as they focused strictly on the present and past respectively. Although this means the issues now has a tighter focus, I prefer the old format but I can see why some (okay, most) readers like the new format. Writer Tony Bedard had proven that he is a capable writer but I do have the feeling he is trying too hard. Do we truly need to keep reading Superman’s thoughts on how worried he is for the kidnapped Lois Lane? However this issue was excellent, especially if you are a Lex Luthor fan. Bedard continues his winning streak with the character as he gave Lex even more reason to hate Superman. All in all, the series continues to be a winner.

X-23 #10- In Paris, X-23 and Gambit got a visit from Wolverine and Jubilee. Now I know the series isn’t exactly tearing up the sales chart but having useless guest-stars are NOT the way to make things better. I thought the reason why X-23 was out of Utopia was to move her away from the mutants and let her stand on her own. And that’s not even considering the ongoing backlash of making Jubilee a vampire. Who the hell in Marvel thought up that crazy idea?

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