Wednesday, May 18, 2011


As I’m not on Facebook, I have never heard of the strange “sport” called "planking". Basically planking refers to lying face down like a "plank" in unusual or public locations. 'Players' then take photos of themselves and post the images on Facebook.

Now I would never call lying face down a “sport” but if chess and golf can be called sports, I will give “planking” the benefit of the doubt. What I don’t get is why anyone would put their lives in danger for this “sport”. An Australian man plunged to his death when he attempted to plank on the balcony rail of a building…seven floors! Not to say bad things about a dead man, but that is just stupid. So are all those idiots who “plank” on busy roads, railway tracks, and basketball hoops etc.

Reports say that this “sport” has now come to Singapore and there is a "Planking Singapore" Facebook page. I just hope young Singaporeans are more sensible about this “sporting craze”.

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