Sunday, May 15, 2011

Comics this week

Batman Incorporated #6- This issue showed Batman and his allies fighting crime across the globe, against the global mysterious crime organization "Leviathan". In simple terms, Batman, Inc. #6 showed the army he has amassed. However writer Grant Morrison made a mistake this issue. He never explained why Batman has suddenly decided to built his army of crime-fighters! How are we, the readers, supposed to “get” the true scope of Batman, Inc. when we don’t know why Batman is doing this? Every time it seemed that the reason is going to be explained, the scene got cut. There is one scene in the Batcave when Bruce Wayne gathered his closest allies to explain to them the threat facing them all but we, the readers, never get to hear why Bruce Wayne was doing all this. That was just disappointing. This issue has great buildup but without any climax.

Daken: Dark Wolverine #9- The Daken/X-23 crossover ends with this issue and it goes out with a bang. I will admit I wasn’t looking forward to this crossover but I will not argue with the results. This was a great crossover. The dynamic between Daken and X-23 was superb as the writers of both series had a field day with the characters. 2 characters, flawed in so many ways, similar in so many ways, decide to take 2 different paths in life. The reasons for their actions, their personalities, their life, were expanded on in this crossover. In short, this was that rarest of crossover; the Daken/X-23 crossover was a crossover that matters!

FF #3- First off, I will admit I was never a fan of The Fantastic Four. In fact, I’m not a fan of any science based superhero. The reason is that it’s just not that fun to read about a guy who could go and invent some new gadget anytime he fail to defeat an enemy. FF look like it will have the same problem in the future but in the meantime I must say writer Jonathan Hickman is having a fun time doing with the series. Faced with a group of alter Reed Richards that intend to “save” the world, the Future Foundation, under the request of Doctor Doom, delivered invitations to various villains to a meeting on how to defeat the Richards. That is just a brilliant concept! I hope Hickman will take the idea and run with it because it will be a fun ride.

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