Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama bin Laden's Legacy

He was the man who masterminded the Sept. 11 attack who promised that he will not be taken alive. Osama bin Laden, leader and founder of the Al Qaeda network, got his wish on Sunday when he was killed in a firefight with U.S. forces in Pakistan. Reviled in the West, his death will bring a sense of closure for people in the West but in the end, what would his death bring?

Osama bin Laden may have approved the 9/11 attacks which died nearly 3,000 people, but he has not been seen or even heard in public for years. The Al Qaeda network he created is now more symbolic than anything else. Much has changed since the 9/11 attacks, the threat Al Qaeda once posed has now been taken up by other groups which were inspired by Al Qaeda. Osama bin Laden’s vision of unending jihad against the United States and Israel has been taken up by others and this was something U.S President Barack Obama acknowledged as he says the threat from terrorism has not ended with bin Laden’s death.

So what would bin Laden’s death bring? In simple terms; nothing! Unfortunately for all, Osama bin Laden’s movement has long moved beyond him. In short, his legacy has already been ensured and his death will do nothing to stop terrorism.

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