Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Expected Delay

Since the opposition Worker’s Party (WP) expelled Yaw Shin Leong, Singaporeans has been waiting for the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) to call for a by-election in the Hougang seat. However the PAP has been taking their time in calling the by-election because there is no deadline to call for a by-election.

For people complaining about this, I have to ask them what do you expect? Hougang is a WP stronghold and with the problems the PAP currently having, it’s only sensible for them to delay holding the by-election till a time when they have a chance to win the by-election. If they hold it now, the PAP will be defeated and does anyone truly believe they will rush to their own defeat?

If Singaporeans are unhappy about this, then you can only blame the WP for this incident. They are the one who foolishly (in my view) decided to expel a sitting MP from their own party. I think only the most anti-PAP of Singaporeans will blame the PAP for WP’s own mistake.


Anonymous said...

The article below is so important that I just have to post it in full. It’s the questions that Dr Chee is asking Lee Kuan Yew. You got to read this, not that I can imagine Lee Kuan Yew actually replying.

In his defence, Mr Lee cited Dr Chee’s surreptitious recording of his conversation with Dr S Vasoo, former PAP MP and the one who initiated Dr Chee’s sacking, as evidence to support his accusation of Dr Chee. Mr Lee, in his interrogatory, asked Dr Chee the following questions:

1. With respect to paragraph 10 (e) of the Amended Reply and Defence to Counterclaim, did the Defendant on 7 December 1992 bring a tape recorder to see Dr S. Vasoo, the Head of the Department of Social Work and Psychology?

2. If the answer to the 1st interrogatory is ‘yes’, did the Defendant tape the conversation between him and Dr Vasoo?

3. When Dr Vasoo asked the Defendant if their conversation was being tape recorded by the Defendant, did the Defendant deny that he was tape-recording their conversation?

4. Did the Defendant also tape record an earlier conversation between the Defendant, Dr Vasoo and a third party without first informing Dr Vasoo and the third party that he was tape recording their conversation?

In 1986, it was recorded that Mr Lee had used a tape recording of a Law Society meeting for a Parliamentary Select Committee hearing convened to debate the Legal Profession (Amendment) Act. If he considers his own action of taping the conversations of others as good and right then he cannot possibly accuse Dr Chee of being “a fraud, a liar and a cheat” for doing what exactly what Mr Lee himself did. For this reason, Dr Chee has asked Mr Lee the following:

1. In the 1986 there was an extraordinary general meeting of the Law Society to discuss the Legal Profession (Amendment) bill. Did the Plaintiff, through the ISD or any other means, tape them proceedings of the meeting?

2. If the answer to the above interrogatory is ‘yes’, was it done with the knowledge and consent of the participants of that meeting?

3. Did the Plaintiff cite some of the words that were spoken at the Law Society meeting mentioned inminterrogatory 1 during the Select Committee hearing of the Legal Profession (Amendment) Bill in 1986?

4. When asked how the Plaintiff knew about what was said at the Law Society meeting mentioned in interrogatory 1, did the Plaintiff say the words (or words to that effect): “In the age of the tape recorder, you want to know how I am able to get a transcript of what you said?”

Anonymous said...

That the PAP wants to delay the elections is without question.

Can and should the PM do so, on the basis that this is not a good time for the PAP, is the pertinent question that needs to be answered.

The PM represents the government, not the PAP, and has to act in the interest of the country and its people, not that of the PAP.

Ghost said...

First off, what happened between Dr Chee and LKY got nothing with my post.
Second; there's nothing in the law that state the PAP must call the by-election by any date. The PAP is not doing anything wrong and before anyone blame the PAP for this; remember, the opposition WP is the one who expel their own MP. It's their own fault for causing this mess to begin with.