Thursday, February 2, 2012

Stupid New Rule

I have only one thing to say about NEA (National Environment Agency) latest move to require all caterers to time-stamp their buffet meals; it is one of the stupidest idea I have ever heard. I will now tell you why.

NEA announced today that from Feb 15 onwards, all caterers are to time-stamp their buffet meals and packed meals. They say this is a safety measure aimed at keeping consumers better informed so that they can avoid consuming food that may no longer be fresh.

News flash; it a packed meal! It’s not fresh! I don’t need a stupid time-stamp on the packet to tell me it’s not fresh. If you want it fresh, go home and cook it yourself! The introduction of this mandatory time-stamp is totally unnecessary.

Worse, it is also totally unenforceable! What is NEA going to do? Send their officers to the kitchen of every caterer in Singapore to make sure all of them time-stamp their meals properly? That’s just stupid!

I mean why does the NEA have this new rule that is both unenforceable and totally unnecessary? Now it that stupid or what!


Anonymous said...

This will cause extra people and money Pap will get extra money and can sue vendor easily

Anonymous said...

These people have ways to 'enforce' this rule. They will ambush one or two, catch them 'red-handed' and then go on an offensive publicity campaign to educate errant caterers. The sole purpose is to create fear. And this is what our scholarly top echelon policy makers are most capable of. Besides this, these people are clueless how to deal with real problems on the ground. Their favourite tagline is "we have engaged foreign experts".

Ghost said...

Like I said; it's unenforceable. There's just no way the NEA could do it which is just as well because I know of no one who ask for it.