Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Passing Grade

Yesterday, I met up with an old friend of mine who I had not met in awhile. She had been working overseas for a few years and only recently returned to Singapore.

As we were talking, the topic went to politics and current U.S President Barack Obama. She was of the notion that Obama hasn't been a good president for the U.S as he hasn't done much. Now this is not an unusual thing. I know that Gar from Random Ramblings has the same feeling.

I don't understand it. Personally, I don't think he did that bad of a job. He's not the greatest America is going to get, but I do think he did a fair job as U.S President. When he took over, America was in 2 wars, in a housing crisis, in financial crisis, and it's international reputation was in tatters.

As he head in an election this year with Mitt Romney, America is out of Iraq, going out of Afghanistan (admitting losing the war for America), slowly recovering from the financial crisis and its international reputation is in full recovery.

Not a bad job in 4 years I think. Like I said earlier, Obama is not going to be the greatest president America will ever have but considering where they were when he took over, I think everyone will have to agree he has to get a passing grade.


Anonymous said...

this woman lost her job in the u.s. and that is why she went back to S'pore. very typical.

Ghost said...

Nope, you're totally wrong. She was in Dubai and came back once her contract was over.

Gar said...

It's along the lines of shooting for the stars and landing on the moon. Sometimes you say, "When I graduate from school I'm going to go out and become rich and famous!"

Then, reality sets in and you settle for comfortable. You shot for the stars and settle for the moon.

Obama promised a lot of simple things to get elected. He promised to get out of Iraq the first year of his Presidency. He did it late in the 3rd year. He promised us the stars and we're sitting on top of a small two-story building. I guess that's better than being further buried, but it's rather disappointing.

Ghost said...

The man is a politician. Of course he was going to make a lot of promises, most of which he could not keep. That happens all over the world including my own Singapore. What matters is whether he is doing a good job. Sure he hasn’t brought America to the penthouse, but at least you guys are no longer in the toilet, which was where you were when he took over!