Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Line No One Use

With the Circle Line (CCL) stations now in operation, there had been reports about how sparsely used some of the new CCL stations are. Attention has been paid especially to Caldecott station which was reported to be empty even during peak hours.

Frankly, I’m not surprised.

The problem I have is that I doubt the entire concept of the CCL. The CCL is a line that has stations linking the outskirts of the city centre to each other and seriously, when was the last time you wanted to go from one edge of the city centre to the other? The thing is that most Singaporeans go to the city centre; they do not go around the edges of the city centre. So it’s no surprise to me that some of the CCL stations are empty.

Also I find the positioning of some of the stations to be questionable. The Telok Blangah CCL station is at the wrong place. Technically, it’s not even in Telok Blangah. We have Telok Blangah Rise, Way, Crescent, Height, Drive, Road, and LTA build the station along Keppel Way. I mean there is an entire estate for them to build the station in, and they build it beside a golf course!

Is it any surprise no one in Telok Blangah actually use the Telok Blangah CCL station? With poor location of the stations, and a poor concept for the line, it’s little wonder to me that the CCL has not been the success envisioned by the LTA.

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