Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hilarious Hypocrisy

For the third time in a week, staff member from another Israeli embassy was attacked in a targeted bombing. This attack happened in Thailand and is the latest after similar attacks in India and Georgia, all targeting Israeli embassy staff.

Israel and their lap...uh ally, the United States, waste no time in blaming Iran for the attacks. Don’t you just love hypocrisy?

I don’t know if Iran is really behind this spate of assassination but even if they are, Israel and the U.S. are about the last countries on Earth with a right to complain about the matter.

A series of Iranian scientists had been killed in recent years and Israel had been widely suspected to have a hand in their deaths. Now I don’t know if Israel is behind that spate of assassinations but there had been many movies and television series made about how Israeli secret services had in its history assassinated many enemies of Israel and the Jewish people. As for the U.S.; they had been targeting militants in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq for years.

All’s fair in war, so I actually have no problem with assassination, target killing or whatever you want to call it as a tactic, but the moment you start whining and complaining about other people doing the same thing to you what you are doing to them? That just make me want to laugh at you.

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