Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Sad Death

20 years old Lance-Corporal (LCP) Muhammad Fahrurrazi bin Salim tragic death in Brunei has people in Singapore questioning safety during Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) training exercises. LCP Fahrurrazi, a boatman, disappeared while in a convey along Brunei's Batu Apoi river.

Once he was discovered to be missing, a SAF search party was sent out to find him. The circumstances of his disappearance are still under investigation but people in Singapore are already talking and asking about safety. However, the SAF seems happy with the safety procedures they have in place currently.

Sadly, the death of a National Serviceman is not unusual. The SAF had experienced such sad incidents before and when someone died during operations or exercises, all other operations and exercises are cancelled till a review is done. That is not the case now.

The thing is boatman is a dangerous vocation and from what I read, they were attempting a river crossing when LCP Fahrurrazi disappeared. So for Singaporeans questioning the safety procedures in place...I'm afraid it's of little use. Such army exercises are by their nature dangerous.


Anonymous said...

It was reported that the First and Second Boats were ferrying safety personnel and medic.

Was that a correct or proper arrangement?

Ghost said...

I'm not trained as a boatman so I have no idea but I doubt if it'll make any difference. If the boat was swept away, it'll just means more deaths.