Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Par For Course

Apple Inc.'s $1 billion victory over the weekend in their patent dispute with Samsung has supposedly sent shockwaves through the mobile market industry as many people are now wondering how the verdict would impact other players in the market.

I don’t think it will affect them much in anyway shape or form.

I don’t think so because I personally think the verdict delivered in America is pretty straight forward. In my mind, there wasn’t much doubt Samsung rip-off the iPhone. It was pretty obvious but to be fair, Samsung wasn’t the first company to do such a thing. Many companies do the same, especially in Asia. Singapore’s Creative was locked in such a patent battle with Apple before.

So this is not the first time there is patent dispute and it will not be the last. Also being as powerful as they are, this verdict is probably nothing but a bump in the road for Samsung. They probably already have an army of engineers working to go around the patent.

That’s why I think this verdict will change nothing. Ripping off your rivals is almost par for course in this industry and this verdict is not going to change that.

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