Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Not A Good Start

As a player who likes to solo at times, Guild Wars is one game that never really held much interest for me. A game, even a MMORPG, that almost demands that you join a guild is just not for me.

Even so, I’m keeping an eye out for Guild Wars 2. After the so-so success of Star Wars: The Old Republic and the failure of The Secret World, there is a lot riding on the success of Guild Wars 2. The game is now in pre-release and thus far…I’m not actually a fan of what I read.

The main reason is that even though the game is still not officially released yet; a player has already reached the level cap. Nothing usual there but the player in question, Surfeuz, did it without fighting. The level cap was hit simply via crafting. It seems Guild Wars 2 give experience when you craft items and Surfeuz hit the cap simply by crafting with guild-donated materials for his guild.

I’m sorry but for me a MMORPG is about exploring the world. Allowing a player to reach the max-level by standing at one spot and just craft items is just stupid. It’s like City of Heroes where some players will just stay in the AE building and reach the cap without ever leaving the building. I can’t help but shake my head at those idiots.

Luckily, ArenaNet (the maker of Guild Wars 2) has immediately come out to say they are "fixing these issues”. It seems that at least they know this is a bad thing to have.

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