Friday, August 17, 2012

What Else Is New?

Early this morning, 2 faults on the North-East Line (NEL) led to a breakdown that delayed hundreds of commuters. According to the SBS Transit, a power fault on the train line resulted in delays of up to 50mins for passengers on the NEL.

Even after getting the trains working again, train frequencies had to be lowered due to the faults.
It was reported that trains only came once every 7-10mins. To me; I just say, “What else is new?”

Seriously, since the breakdowns started last year, the breakdowns in our MRT lines have been pretty consistent. It is so consistent, it’s no longer even considered news! You just know it is gotten happen again someday. The trains are going to break down sooner or later, you just hope you will not be affected by it personally.

I mean even the SBS and SMRT have programs in place in case of breakdowns! Today, SBS Transit activated free bus shuttles and even sent two separate SMS alerts to inform commuters of potential delays!

So for the breakdowns today... “What else is new?”

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