Wednesday, October 10, 2012

CM Punk Decked A Fan

I used to be a fan of pro-wrestling. In the days before the WWF became the WWE, I was a fan. I no longer watch it but I tried to keep up on the news. So when I read that WWE wrestler CM Punk punched a fan in the stands, I thought I check it out.

After a match in Sacramento, Punk left the ring into the stands as part of the show and got surrounded by fans. Security was missing and the fans began to heckle and hit him. Punk turned around and backhanded one of the fans. At first, everyone assumed this was a stunt but Sacramento reporters report that the fan Punk hit has made a report with the police.

Thing is, there’s a video floating on the net on what happened.

After seeing the video, I have to argue that the WWE wrestler did nothing wrong. What I see is several guys hitting the wrestler before the wrestler returned the favor to one of them. I fail to see what the fan has to complain about. If you hit someone, anyone, retaliation is to be expected.

That’s just the way it is. I hope nothing happen to Punk on the police report and the WWE don’t hand out any punishment to him. Buying a ticket to a show should not mean you can lay your hand on the entertainer. 

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