Monday, October 22, 2012

Just Ignore The Guy

NUS Law student and ASEAN scholar Alvin Tan Jye Yee has got Singaporeans in a dizzy for the past few weeks due to his joint sex blog with his girlfriend. Not only that, he has not help things by penning a lengthy article he written on the merits of living in Malaysia as compared to Singapore.

The explicit photos and videos of him having sex with his girlfriend on his blog had been taken down but that has not stopped Singaporeans from calling for him to return money he got for his NUS scholarship. He had so far refused to do so.

I say Singaporeans should just ignore the guy. Frankly, there’s no reason for him to return the money we gave him and no way for us to make him do it either. In fact, the longer Singaporeans keeping harping on the matter, the better it is for him.

Because the guy wants attention!

Think of his blog and his written article if you will. This boy is just dying for attention, he wants his 15mins of fame, and that’s why he put up a blog showing him having sex. Just ignore the guy. At best, he’s a guy most famous for posting photos of himself having sex on the internet.

Why get angry with an idiot like that?


bluexpresso said...

How to ignore? He is forcing people to look at his photos and videos. No wonder people get upset. People should sue him for offending them.

Anonymous said...

force is very strong word... the only 3 things in this world you are "forced" to do is being born in this world, NS and death...

Ghost said...

How can he "force" you to look at his photos? I personally never went to site or seen any of his photos. Just not interested at all in seeing 2 attention-seeking fools making out.