Friday, October 12, 2012

The Better Team Won

Last night, the LionsXII lost their semifinal tie against Malaysian side ATM after a 1-1 draw and then losing the penalty shoot-out. As expected, Singaporean fans are already complaining about the referee playing 7mins of injury-time and crying about what an injustice it was.

Yes, they are right. It is an injustice; it is an injustice that ATM needed penalties to beat the LionsXII!

Come on people! Anyone who saw both legs of the tie can easily tell that ATM is the better side; in both matches! I’m a Singaporean and even I have to admit this. They had more control, more attacking purposes, and create more chances. In short, ATM deserved to go through to the finals.

Also I have no problems with the referee playing 7mins of injury-time. Although the fourth referee showed 5mins of injury time, the Singapore trainer came on the field no less than 3 times during injury time (once for the keeper). That plus the subs means the referee had no choice but to add time.   

So Singaporean fans need to stop their bloody whining! The better team won. The better team went through. And that’s the way it should be! 


Anonymous said...

News reports keep saying our boys were unlucky,that penalties were just lucky draws etc. In life, it always seems that luck favours those who work the hardest. As Jose Mourino said once: We did not lose on penalties. We lost in the 90 minutes. Good teams do not wait for lucky draws.

Ghost said...

The Lions XII did well in their first season back but if we are being honest, they were not the best team out there. We should never have even reached penalties. In my view, ATM were much better in both games than the Lions.