Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Funny Parking

You know of all those vehicles you always see illegally parked along the road? You see them and always wondered why LTA or HDB don’t go and book them for parking illegally.

A friend of mine came on the other side of the equation recently when he got a fine for illegal parking and boy was he upset about it. According to him, he parked his vehicle along the road and went to “do something”. When he came down a few minutes later, he actually saw the traffic warrant officer and quickly got into his vehicle and drove off.

He is upset he still received a fine for it.

The funny thing was he don’t dispute that he was illegally parked, only that he “shouldn’t” received the fine because “it was a few minutes”. It took everything I had not to laugh. Maybe it was because I don’t own a car but I find it funny people can complain about a fine and, at the same time, admit to committing the fine. Even if it was for a few minutes, you were still illegally parked right?

Not to him! Because he “made an effort” to drive off, he feel the fine is “unjustified” and he intend to appeal against the fine with LTA. Just show you everything depends on where you find yourself in a situation. 

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