Friday, November 9, 2012

Comics this week

Earth 2 #6- First off, let me get this out of the way. I totally understand why some people hate this series. Characters like Alan Scott and Jay Garrick are almost icons in the DC world, so to see them as young, raw, and slightly different characters in Earth 2 will be a shock to some. I totally understand…and I love Earth 2 anyway! I’m one of those guys who like it when writers try something different and writer James Robinson definably is doing that. Outside a habit of overwriting, he managed to put together a good conclusion to the first story arc that is different from what you would expect (Al Scott becoming an asshole). Even the sub-plot of Sloan trying to use logic to manage the chaos of an illogical world with magic was interesting. Some people may hate it, but I’m looking forward to more stories on Earth 2!

Green Lantern #13- The #0 introduced us to writer Geoff Johns’ latest Green Lantern, Baz Simon. If you are (like me) wondering and worrying why we need yet another human GL in the New 52, this issue deals with it in some ways. In short, Simon Baz is a GL that uses his smarts more than the other human GLs as he outwits the Justice League. I do worry that Johns may be trying too much by trying to write 3 storylines together but between him and Doug Manhke’s work, things are looking good so far. 

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