Monday, November 5, 2012

Why The Angst?

Last month, two taxi-drivers claimed that he was earning $7,000 a month as a taxi-driver. 32-year-old Muhammad Hasnor Hashim and 32-year-old Mark Leow told the media that they earn S$7,000 and S$6,000 a month, respectively while driving their taxis.

The reports were widely ridiculed by Singaporeans including many other taxi-drivers. Now, probably due to the public pressure, one of the taxi-drivers, Mr. Mohd Hasnor Hashim, has changed his tune “clarifying” that the amount was only for the month of May, and that his earnings per month usually only range between $4,000 to $5,000.

I don’t get why Singaporeans are so worked up about this. I personally do not believe their claims but…so what? So what if they really did earn S$6,000- S$7,000 a month? I don’t believe it but if it’s true, good for them! Now if you are a taxi-driver, I can understand your rage a little (blogger James Lim) but for the rest of us; Why all this anger and disbelief?

Whether it was a boast or not, whether it was true or not; it got nothing to do with most of us! So I really don’t get all this angst over the claims of 2 taxi-drivers! My fellow Singaporeans; let it go. 


Anonymous said...

The problem is that this is part of a trend. The straits times has been publishing a number of similar articles ( $3000 dish-washers, $7000 cab drivers, millionaire karung guni). These articles reinforce certain myths....

1. Singaporean complain about low wages, when there is plenty of opportunities to earn decent salaries in the current economy if one is not lazy and works hard.
2. Foreign workers must be sought because Singaporeans will simply not work in certain occupations because they consider the jobs too lowly, EVEN if the wages are good enough.

These myths hide certain structural problems. One of them is that Singaporean refuse to work in certain jobs not because wages are too low but because they are too choosy. Another is that Singaporeans who do not earn enough are lazy and that 'hard work' ( usually defined as a health-destroying, machine-like commitment to 12 hours sedentary days, 7 days a week) will not only guarantee good wages but is something to be lauded and praised.

Anonymous said...

The problem is when it so wrong like this that even school kids find unbelievable it becomes propaganda.

And it is natural for most people to feel angst about being forced feed propaganda masquerading as news.

Get it now?

Anonymous said...

The problem is not what the cabby is earning, but what the MSM is trying to propagate their propaganda views onto you with their lies and falsehood

Anonymous said...

Despite possible high income, there is still a shortage of hardworking taxi drivers. This profession should now be opened to non-Singaporeans.

Taxi firms can justify raising rental rates given how easy it is to earn upto $6-7,000 pm.

Those taking in only the average $2-3,000 pm need spurs on their hide.

Who cares! Let it go. And we can move on to the next profession.

Anonymous said...

When you cannot beat the master, kick his dog. The 'angst' is not so much about envy or BS but that the SPH group is so blatant to abide by its Master's Voice. And in the process, insult Singaporeans with the angles of their stories to push the political agenda. Any wonder why they have lost 67,000 readers for ST notwithstanding the huge increase in English-speaking FTs?

Ghost said...

It may be propaganda but if that's what you're complaining about, then you should be complaining about the SPH. Complaining against the two taxi-driver because you are against the propaganda of SPH is kind of self-defeating because you're blaming the wrong guy.

Anonymous said...

Who's complaining against the two taxi-drivers? From what I've read, the complaints were against the media reporter and the media.

Ghost said...

Really? I have read on many posts on how the taxi-drivers were misleading the people, lying about their takings, one even implied they were paid by the taxi companies to promote the job of driving taxis.
All of which I thought was pretty silly. Like I said; let it go. There's no need to get so agitated about 2 guys blowing their own horns.

Anonymous said...

Because PAP always argued that Straits Times is objective, reliable and credible. When questionable answers were given full coverage, there must be agenda behind the news. Only responsible citizens will shoot back and bring the force to equilibrium. Otherwise, main stream journalist will not learn and take the population intelligence for granted.

Ghost said...

Haha. The Straits Times is objective, reliable and credible? I have never heard of any Singaporeans (even the most die-hard PAP supporters) ever saying that. The "population intelligence" as you term it is higher than what you credit us with.