Thursday, November 8, 2012

Virtual to Reality

Even in the genre of MMORPG, players of the online game EVE Online are famously/infamously known as hardcore gamers. And just to prove that reputation is well-earned, we have the story of Marcus Dickinson, better known in EVE as Roc Wieler.

Proudly calling himself a role-player, Dickinson has a second life as Roc. He writes on a blog called Roc's Ramblings (as Roc), he creates music albums and 3-D artwork for his character; he even sells Roc-related paraphernalia to his fans through his blog. But something was missing!

After a trip to the EVE holy land of Iceland, Dickinson discovered what was missing. Like most players, the avatar Dickinson created in game looked nothing like him. Roc Wieler was supposed to be a retired military colonel with an imposing visage and Dickinson…well, he is a 40 year old marketing executive.

However by having the impressive discipline of his avatar, Dickinson showed just how seriously he is about the game by…actually working out! Hitting the gym and changing his diet, Dickinson now looked a whole lot more like Roc Wieler.

Now people; this is a role-player! I won’t be surprised if shrines are built in his honor! What’s next; plastic surgery to make people more elf-like?


Gar said...

Excellent story!

I played Eve Online for about 6 months. It is very hard core. I enjoyed it, but you have to be a little more outgoing than I am. As in, it's not much fun to solo.

Speaking of plastic surgery, have you seen the "real life" Barbie?

Do a search for "Russian Barbie" or just "Valeria Lukyanova"...

Ghost said...

Yes, you are talking about the "doll" look. I read about that. Don't quite get it but to each his own.