Friday, November 2, 2012

Strange/Interesting Election

With less than a week from the American Presidential Election, polls from America still have President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney neck and neck into the final straight. Standing here in Singapore, I (and most of the world) am wondering why?

Now it’s no surprise the rest of the world prefer to have Obama to Romney when you consider their respective positions on Israel and Iran, but even beyond that, I am seriously perplexed on why Americans are so unhappy about Obama.

When he took over from George Bush, Obama had a laundry list of problems. Their international reputation was in tatters, their economy was in the toilet, their housing market was in a tailspin, and they were still involved in 2 wars! In his 4 years, America’s international reputation has largely recovered, America’s economy is slowly recovering and America’s wars are in their closing stages.

Now I’m not a huge fan of his. I could understand some of the complains against him. High unemployment rate, gridlock in Congress, economy that has not fully recovered but you can also argue he inherited these problems more than created them.

In short, I (and the rest of the world) don’t think Obama did that bad of a job. However not even his deft handling of Hurricane Sandy this week pull him ahead of Mitt Romney! Considering his performance, you would assume he did well enough to get another 4 years (after all Bush got 8) but yet there’s a real chance he may lose next week. And that is very strange to me which will make the results next week to be interesting.  


Gar said...

Unfortunately, there is a lot of stupidity in America.
Somebody will send out an email saying Obama is a Muslim Terrorist and people believe it. You should see my Facebook wall of all the people telling me how terrible he is.
I keep trying to find a map of the education level of the states and see if the education level drops in states that are predominantly for Romney, but I haven't found one yet.
I, personally, like Obama a lot more than Romney.
Obama, to me, is more of a disappointment simply because of the things he said he would do that he didn't do (like get out of Iraq and Afghanistan).
Those were both wars started by Bush that didn't need to be started.
But, the news also crucifies him because he didn't do enough in Syria?
It's over my head, but I mostly agree with you. He hasn't been nearly as bad as Bush. Heck, compared to Bush, he's been super!

Ghost said...

When compared to Bush, there's no question he's better. A lot of the problems was inherited from Bush and Obama did I think a reasonable job so far. Which is why I find the close elections to be so strange.
I mean look at Putin. He took over a Russia that was a joke both inside and outside Russia but no one dare laugh at Russia now and the Russians love him for it. Putin is much better than Yesltin and Obama is much better than Bush, but only one of them is going to win a re-election (yes, I think Ronmey is going to win) so I find it very strange.