Friday, February 1, 2013

Comics this week

Aquaman #16- Reading comments on the net about Junstice League #16, it seem most people were unhappy with the issue as all it did was to setup the finale. Personally, I thought it was a fine issue but anyone with problems with JL #16 will probably look at it in a different light with Aquaman #16. Because the payoff at the end was great! Writer Geoff Johns threw it out of left-field but the twist was possible and done well. Artist Paul Pelletier matched the story with some beautiful artwork, even in the Trench when darkness prevailed. An excellent issue that moves the Justice League/Aquaman crossover up a notch; it has become an early contender for crossover of the year.

Green Lantern Corps Annual #1- The overly long and often tedious “Rise of The Third Army” storyline ends in this annual and though the storyline was mostly a bore, the ending was a blockbuster. Writer Peter Tomasi and artist Chris Cross put together an awesome annual that had a breathtaking showdown between the Guardians and…well, almost everyone else. There’s end to end action and for once, Guy Gardener was actually important and, gasp, competent. Credit must go to Peter J. Tomasi for managing to do that. The “Rise of the Third Army” is now over (thank god), now hopefully the writers can get back to business; getting the Lantern books back to the heights of “The Sinestro Corps War”.

Justice League Dark #16- The secrets of the Books of Magic were revealed in this issue and to say it was different from the pre-52 Books of Magic is an understatement. Writer Jeff Lemire basically took the origins of Tim Hunter and reworked everything. Not saying it’s a bad thing because the issue was pretty good, but the “returning king coming back to save the world” role has been done to death. If Lemire was going to rework Hunter’s origin, I was hopefully for something more original. Having said that, this was still a pretty good issue. Artist Mikel Janin turned in an excellent work. His work on the separate areas of Epoch was great, the differences between the magical area and science areas of the world was stark but at the same time, they are clearly set on the same world. Another strong effort in this intriguing series that has slowly become one of the stronger titles in the New 52.

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