Thursday, July 11, 2013

Comics this week

Astro City #2- This issue shows why I just love Astro City. This is the story of a woman called Marella, who had just joined Humano Global. The company operates the Emergency Contact Line, the emergency contact line of the Honor Guard and Marella is now one of the operators who screen the calls and e-mails of the public and direct the members of the Honor Guard to real, global-scale threats. Who but writer Kurt Busiek and artist Brent Anderson would show you a world populated by superheroes and then decide to give you a superb slice-of-life story of a lowly call center operator? Wonderful! Welcome back Astro City, you have been missed!

Justice League #22- As the first crossover event of the New 52 that brings together all the Justice League teams, Trinity War has a lot to live up to. Writer Geoff Johns get things off to a bright start by expertly pulling together various story threads from the Justice Leagues, Flashpoint, Pandora, the Secret Society, and Shazam. The story was further enhanced by artist Ivan Reis, who turned in some stellar work this issue. Good story with excellent art; this is a bright start to the Trinity War.

Threshold #7- As the series comes to a close, writer Keith Griffen goes on hyper-drive to close out the story. Lonar and Blue Beetle make their move while Jediah Caul is forced to find the inner hero within that cynical heart of his. The rest of the Hunted are on Tolerance, trying to find an angle to turn the tables on the whole planet. Oh, Threshold! If only DC had given you a chance. You could have been a winner.

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