Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Get The Masks Ready

The haze has returned...in Malaysia. Parts of Malaysia are now covered in the haze once again as the burning of the forest in Indonesia now continuing. The only thing stopping Singapore from getting the haze again is the wind, and that's something the Singapore government recognize as the National Environment Agency is already telling Singaporeans to expect the haze to return.

What does this tells me? It tells me that despite all the talk of an ASEAN coordinating center, Indonesia doing their best to tackle the forest fires, fines issued to companies who practice the slash and burn method of land clearance; Indonesia cannot/will not stop their farmers from burning the forests of Java and Sumatra in order to clear land for cultivation. It also tells me that there's nothing the Singapore and Malaysia government can do to Indonesia to stop the forest burning.

I mean this has only been a few weeks since the region suffered its worst haze, with the Air Pollutant Index reaching record highs, and now it's back again? So people of Singapore, get your mask ready. The haze will be back, if not now then surely next year. 


Anonymous said...

Tell the PM and his Minister that their salary will be reduced to 10 percent, and there is not need for the President post etc....What do you think.

Ghost said...

Unlikely and frankly useless. Taking money from the Singapore PM is not going to make the haze go away.