Wednesday, July 10, 2013

This Is The Front Page?

As the local Strait Times newspaper gave front page coverage to the spat between the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) and the Workers’ Party (WP) on the issue of the cleaning of hawker centers in a constituency overseen by the opposition group, I am struck by one thing. 

The sheer stupidity of putting this on the front page of the paper.

Seriously, this is a question of who cleans a hawker center! Why in the world is this front page news in the papers? I mean between Singapore having to defend its new internet rules from the likes of Goggle and Yahoo, the pre-school teacher who was fired over the video of potential child abuse, and the haze; the front page new is an argument over who is in charge of the cleaning of a hawker center?

I know this is an argument between the two biggest political parties in Singapore but really...who cares? Who ever cared? Maybe the hawkers at the hawker center do, but no one I know ever did. Hell, the argument has been going on so long I think even the hawkers there are tired of it.

Honestly, the Strait Times newspaper is the biggest, most widely read paper in Singapore, so it should have it's finger on the pulse of the nation. An article on who is in charge of the cleaning of a hawker center is not wrong, but putting it on the front page? Singapore's pulse is more exciting than that.


Anonymous said...

I used to laugh when the ST refers to the Egyptian newspaper as the semi-official Al-Ahram and the Chinese newspaper Hsinhwa as the official newsagency.The irony of it all. Now you have the ST'S front page 'news' of that arrogant prick telling the WP to admit their 'mistake'.He had to be pressured into admitting blowing the YOG budget and getting the PMO to cover his arse.

Anonymous said...

what do u expect from a pap propaganda newspaper? the truth? the real issues?

Ghost said...

I wouldn't say it's untrue or it's not real because they did argument about it. It's just that no one give a shit about it and something that no Singaporeans care about should NOT be on the front page of the Strait Times.