Friday, July 19, 2013

World Cup Is Free In Europe

YES! That’s my reaction when I read that Europe's top court ruled that countries in the European Union can insist that the World Cup and Euro football tournaments be available to all on free-to-view TV channels. This means countries in Europe can insist that the World Cup next year be broadcast free of charge in their country! 

As a Singaporean who had to miss the last Euros because I refused to pay over $60 just to watch a 1 month tournament, this is great news. Yes, I know it’s almost impossible to expect the Singapore government to do the same thing in Singapore but man; it is great to see FIFA and UEFA (which own the commercial rights to the tournaments) get their ass handed to them. The courts just gave them a bloody nose and it is a truly satisfying thing to see.

Now if only the Singapore government can do the same. I know I said it’s almost impossible but hey, a guy can dream right? 

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