Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Getting Out Of hand

Last week, I wrote on this blog that the U.S. needed to calm down on their hunt for leaker Edward Snowden. Since then, it has been proven without doubt that they are all in on the hunt.

Nothing else can explain why the presidential plane of Bolivia was diverted from France and Portugal on the mere suspicion that Snowden is on board. Yes, a plane belonging to the president of a sovereign nation was refused entry into France and Portugal airspace and to land in Austria instead.

All on the mere suspicion that Snowden, an American wanted by America, was on board. Last I checked Snowden was not wanted in either France or Portugal, so they have no right to refuse entry to the plane even if Snowden was on board. He wasn't but that's almost beside the point because they didn’t even have any evidence that Snowden was on board!

Expectedly, the Bolivians are furious and vowed to make complains against all the countries involved in the matter. Now I may not be a great fan of Bolivian President Evo Morales, but it's hard not to agree with Bolivia on this issue. France and Portugal have no reason to deny entry to the plane even if Snowden was on board.

America may be trying to flex its muscle to show it’s commitment to get Snowden, but there’s a limit to everything. Destroying your relations with two of the most powerful nations in the world (Russia and China) and causing trouble for your allies (France and Portugal) is overreach no matter how you spin it.

I just hope common sense prevail before things get even more out of hand. All these trouble just isn't worth it for one simple tech geek. 

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