Thursday, July 18, 2013

Comics this week

Ballistic #1- Comics is a medium where almost anything can happen. Creators do not need to worry about budget and this is why comics like Ballistic can be made. Coming from the mad minds of writer Adam Egypt Mortimer and artist Darick Robertson, Ballistic is set in a world where technology had mended with genetics. Cars  don't just fly in this world, they fly because the cars can grow wings! Machines don't just break down in this world, they break down because they get sick or if they saw something that frighten them. Yes, this is a crazy world and the over-the-top action of its citizens makes this crazy world even more fun. Take a look at this offering from Black Mask if you want something different from your usual comics fare.

Justice League of America #6- After the events of Justice League #22, the Trinity War truly starts as the JL and JLA teams go at it. I was rather surprised that Doug Mahnke was the artist in this issue instead of regular David Finch but on a certain level it made sense as Finch's darker style might not be suited for the superhero slugfest that dominated this issue. I also liked the way the fight ended and the way writer Geoff Johns brought the JL Dark into the picture. Thus far, it's two out of two for the Trinity War.  

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