Thursday, October 3, 2013

Comics this week

Forever Evil #2- Honestly, this should be #1 instead of #2. The story showcase the Crime Syndicate as after taking over the world, they are now faced with the problem of ruling it. Writer Geoff Johns finally decide it's time to push aside the obscure villains that showed up in #1 and concentrate on the Crime Syndicate. It's about time! This issue was excellent because the main bad guys, the Crime Syndicate, are front and centre throughout the issue. Yes, we see a few panels of Lex Luthor, but this was the Syndicate's issue and it was better for it. The art of David Finch is a further plus in my view as his mastery of facial expression is put to good use. After a lackluster #1, it seems Forever Evil is kicking into gear.

Earth 2 #16- Like many people, I have criticized writer James Robinson on his work on Earth 2. Despite the lovely work by artist Nicola Scott, Earth 2 just hasn't been able to crack open the top of the sales chart due to the numerous plotlines in this series. I have said many times that sometimes Robinson is just too ambitious for his own good. But man, when it pays off, it pays off! This issue ended with a big reveal that not only I didn't see coming, but also have to say did not come out of left-field. After all, we all know the Supergirl and Robin of Earth 2 are safely on the New 52, so it stand to reason that the other heroes survived as well. It exactly makes sense! And that final scene of a cracked Earth; Scott outdid herself there. It was beautiful. 

Hinterkind #1- Of all the Vertigo books that came out this week, I have to go with Hinterkind as the pick of the bunch. The story by writer Ian Edginton shows a future where Mother Nature rule the roost and human trying their best to survive as a species in scattered settlements. I like the slow build-up of the story where we get to know the peaceful side of the world first before we get to know the dangers of it. The art by Francesco Trifogli suits the story well especially the wide shots of the landscape that peppered this issue. It shows just how far Mother Nature has reclaimed her planet and how much things has changed for the humans. Very impressive start to a new series.    

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