Thursday, October 17, 2013

Comics this week

Batman/Superman #4- Oh! Now that’s unexpected! The world of the older Superman and Batman is Earth 2; the same Earth 2 that currently is an ongoing series! Not only that, this arc gave a reason why Darkseid attacked Earth 2 in Earth 2 #1! The subtle way writer Greg Pak has inserted that fact into the story is so unlike the current loud, proud and brash New 52 DC that I’m beyond surprised. I’m shocked! Backed by the solid art of Jae Lee & Yildiray Cinar, and you have a new series that’s going to be a hit.

Avengers #21- If there’s still any arguments that Infinity is a crossover instead of an event, this issue settle it. #21 shows the Galactic Council’s victory over the Builders and the way of the victory is first shown in #20 of Avengers. The main Infinity series never even hinted at the betrayal of the Ex Nihilos. Writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Leinil Francis Yu put together a very good issue here; too bad about the wrong marketing though. 

New Avengers #11- Even though this was marketed as a tie-in to “Infinity”, New Avengers has been pretty much doing its own thing. I’ve always dislike the title of this series since technically The Illuminati are not part of the Avengers; since when did Reed Richards and Black Bolt join the Avengers? Outside that, the group has been doing some very un-Avenger like things like destroying whole worlds, something even Thanos approved of when he found out this issue. I do like the way the tension is slowly rising with you sensing how things are coming to a head as their past actions are fast catching up to them. Good issue but not really a tie-in with Infinity.

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