Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lenders and Borrowers

Yesterday, I read an article in the newspaper about debtors being harassed by legal money lenders. Now the article was clearly on the side of the debtors with stories of the money lenders harassing the debtors at their home, workplace and in public. Sorry but I have a hard time having sympathy for the debtors.

Call me old-fashioned but I believe that if you owned money, then it is your obligation to pay it back. In the article yesterday, there was one debtor who complained about the money-lenders who harassed him at his workplace. However if you read the article, he also disclosed that he owned money to 15 money-lenders to a total of $40,000!

Sorry but what did he expect? Come on, if you are one of the 15 money-lenders and knows this guy own money to 14 other money-lenders, what would you do? Wait patiently and hope you are not the last guy to be paid or go chase after the guy for your money? To me, there’s no question what I would do.

Personally, I have little to no sympathy to people who borrowed money and then try to hid behind the law to avoid paying back the money they took. If someone borrowed money from 15 money-lenders, then he should expect some of them to go to his workplace. Legal or not, it should be common sense.

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