Friday, October 11, 2013

What Singaporeans Really Care About

 On Wednesday, a fire at SingTel’s Bukit Panjang exchange knocked out its broadband and mobile services. Services were disrupted and even now, 2 days after the fire, services are still not fully up.

However, do Singaporeans complained about their internet or how some banking services like ATM were down? No. The biggest complains I heard are from punters who are unable to buy 4D on Wednesday, the day of the draw.  Singporepools, the leading operator for lottery and sports betting, even had to extend the time of the draw till 9pm, instead of the usual 6.30pm, for the punters. Reporters even interviewed one who waited 3 hours, in vain, to buy 4D.

Waiting 3 hours to buy 4D? Man, talk about your priorities. I usually wouldn't even be willing wait 10mins. It tells you what Singaporeans really cares about in their daily lives.

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