Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Only In America

As the United States government shutdown goes into effect, as a non-American, I have to say I find the situation ridiculous. Most countries in the world do whatever is needed to avoid a shutdown of the government but the Americans are shutting down their government due to…an argument over whether to give every American healthcare?

Now I understand people having different views and arguing about it. However is the question of healthcare so important that you shut down a government for it? I mean Singapore has sky-high healthcare cost and many people want the government to find a way to lower it, but no one in his right mind will argue that we shut down the Singapore government for it.

I mean no one will shutdown the whole government just because you disagree with one part of the government policy, right? What's more is that in this case, the government is trying to give more healthcare, not take away it! Surely you don't shutdown a government for that right? As they say; only in America. 


Anonymous said...

come on lah. essential services still go on. all other agencies are cornies of corp america so no sweat to common folks except fed employees, poor thing! 17 times since '76 leow. ours shutdown, ho say! our gov collect money from us only.

Ghost said...

you wouldn't be saying this in a few days, much less a few weeks, if the stock market crash. A government shutdown basically means there is no upside for the economy, and the longer it goes, the heavier the downside will be. Essential or not, services provided by governments are needed for a healthy economy.