Friday, October 18, 2013

Dreams Do Come True

You know how when babies are born, their parents and grandparents always dream of great things in the babies’ futures? 13 years ago, a grandfather in Wales put his money where his mouth and boy did it work out well!

When Harry Wilson came into the world 16 years ago, his grandfather, Peter Edwards, dreamt that he would be a great footballer. So when his grandson was just 18 months old, Peter Edwards went to a bookmaker and placed a £50 bet that his grandson would eventually play international football for Wales. He was given odds of 2,500 to 1.

On Tuesday, Wales was playing Belgium and in the 87th min, Welsh manager Chris Coleman sent on 16-year-old Harry Wilson for his international debut and in turn made the dreaming grandfather £125,000! Peter Edwards promptly retires after collecting the windfall. 

As you can see, dreams do come true.


Anonymous said...

90 years ago a certain baby was born and his paternal grandfather dreamt that he would one day rule this country. 61 years ago his baby was born and he and his wife dreamt that he would one day rule the country after him. Unfortunately no bets were laid on either dream.Both came true.

Anonymous said...

They do not need any other bets.

There is GIC and Temasek

Ghost said...

I write a post on a grandfather making money on a bet his grandson will be a national footballer...and it became a commentary on the Singapore political system. wonder people thinks I am a political blogger.