Friday, November 1, 2013

Comics this week

Infinity #5- Since the start of Infinity, I have preferred the space portion of the crossover (No, I will not call Infinity an event anymore) to the Earth portion. This issue marks the end of the space portion of Infinity and its end was disappointing. After so many issues of showing the Avengers and the Galactic Council getting their ass kicked, when the victory came, it was quick. So quick that it was unsatisfying. I think writer Jonathan Hickman made a mistake by rushing through the victory as The Builders…well, they just wasn’t that impressive. Still with them out of the way, the conflict with Thanos and the Cull Obsidian can conclude. Hopefully, that end will be better than this.

Green Lantern Annual #2- The last few GL crossovers has not been setting anyone alight, but “Lights Out” has given us back hope. The crossover has a villain in Relic that first look less than impressive, but as the story goes on, we found that this is a villain who is correct. There really is a reservoir of energy that the Lanterns tapped into everytime they use their rings and this immediately changes things up. Even though the Lanterns are still the good guys, as Hal Jordan lead the other Lanterns in a charge at the Source Wall, you find yourself cheering on the side that is destroying the universe everytime they use their powers! Pops has to be given to writer Robert Venditti for this final issue of “Lights Out”. He manages to make you cheer for the Lanterns even though he always made it clear they are the one destroying the universe while the “villain”, Relic, is the one trying to save it. Managing to do this shows the excellent work Venditti did on the “hero” characters in this crossover. Wonderful end to an excellent crossover!

Avengers #22- This issue clearly takes place after Infinity #5, so read that before reading this. Like I said above, Infinity is a crossover. Rushing to Earth after their victory over The Builders, this is the setup issue. We hear the battle plan, an inspiring speech from Captain America, but the main highlight for me is Thor. The Norse god show one of the newer members of the Avengers, Eden, what it means to have the power to save the world and why he must believe that there is such a thing as destiny. And he manged to do it without sounding like a cheese cake! 

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