Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Comics this week

Astro City #6- I'm running out of words to describe just how good Astro City is. All 5 issues on the good people of Astro City, writer Kurt Busiek now give an issue to the not-so-good people of the city. Thatcher Jerome is a low-level fixer for the mob and of course in Astro City, that means rubbing shoulders with super-beings and costumes. I especially like the way Busiek threw curve-balls one after another to us. Just when I thought I knew how the story would go, the story turned on its head with Jerome making one decision after another that not only surprised us, but making a lot of sense while doing so. After the not-so-great #5, this one has Astro City back to greatness.

Superman/Wonder Woman #2- "You hit me with...sunlight?" That line made my day. Superman's disbelief that there would be anyone stupid enough on Earth to attack him with sunlight was writer Charles Soule's crowning moment this issue. Back by good work by artist Tony S. Daniel, this young series continue to show promise. And that final scene of Zod? Very, very nice!

Unity #1- Ever since they returned, I have been keeping an eye on the works by Valiant. Like most people, when I heard of Unity, I thought it would be a crossover. When it was announced that it's an ongoing series, I was disappointed but thought I gave it a try. After reading it, I'm glad I had been keeping an eye on Valiant's work because anyone who didn't will have a hard time keeping up with this issue. Writer Matt Kindt has a good handle on all the characters like Ninjak and Toyo Harada, but there was no introductions done on anyone, even Man-of-War. So anyone who had not been keeping up on the Valiant books will have a serious problem here.

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