Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thor 3 Will Be...

Despite years of trying, China is still more known for making cheap, faulty products then making anything resembling with quality. But even with that reputation, this picture is something else!

A cinema in Shanghai put in an image on a poster for “Thor: The Dark World” and the results is nothing short of hilarious. Give credit when it’s due; whoever did the image was good. So good that I can fully understand why the good people at the cinema could mistake the movie was about Thor and his villainous half-brother Loki as a gay couple.

“Thor 3: The Gay Romance of the Asgardians”; it has a good ring to it. 


Gar said...

lol. That is wrong on so many levels. Not that I'm against a homosexual Thor movie. But between brothers? And the name, "Asgardian"? It just sounds bad.

Ghost said...

Technically Loki is adopted so it will not be incest. I fully expect that some porn studio will film a gay porn Thor movie somewhere in the future and make a lot of money on it. After which, it will be a Cap America porn movie with Cap and Bucky which will then lead to be an Avengers porn movie showcasing every superhero character in the movie in an orgy and then...I better stop here before people get the wrong idea.