Monday, November 18, 2013

The Underboobs

The Singapore police were called in for an…underboob?

If you, like me, are wondering what’s an underboob, you can wonder no more! The underboob is “the bottom part of the breasts”. Recently at the Anime Festival Asia, the Singapore Police were called in when a woman made a complaint that a cosplayer was wearing an indecent costume because her underboobs were showing.

The police came, saw the costume in question and left. Now some people are framing this incident as a matter of culture clash, with the conservative church-going woman against a girl with more liberal leanings. I disagree.

Seeing the costume in question, I can’t help but think the woman who made the complain has nothing else better to do. I just cannot take the complain seriously because you can see people wearing far worse almost any day of the week. You go to a beach and you probably see at least one woman in a bikini showing off her top, side and under boobs. All at the same time!

This costume is nothing compared to them. 


Gar said...

Oh my. Searching for underboobs is going to be my new favorite pastime!

That, and kicking uptight people in the shins.

Ghost said...

Yup, before we know it people will be looking for overboob, topboob, sideboob, underboob, frontboob, backboob...basically anything with boob in them.

theonion said...


To use the beach situation is a misnomer and does not add to your argument.

If you refer to party goers, that would make more sense

Ghost said...

Party or beach; boobs are boobs.

theonion said...


Context is everything.

Ghost said...

Not when it comes to boobs. Boobs are boobs. Party or beach, if you show boobs, I will look.

Anonymous said...

Very well said man. Honesty at its most refreshing!

Ghost said...

That's what I'm aiming for; the matter how terrible it sounds!