Saturday, January 25, 2014

Comics this week

Bad Ass #1- I'm a comics fan who thinks Deadpool is stupid and Kick Ass is over-rated, so it's saying something when I find myself enjoying Bad Ass #1. The main character Dead End is also a Deadpool clone, the action remains me of Kick Ass but writer Herik Hanna and artist Bruno Bessadi managed to put together a hell of an issue. This is the kind of comic book whose sum is greater than it's parts and I think Dynamite got a surprise winner here.

Deadly Class #1- This issue started simply. A homeless kid on the street trying his best to survive with only a backpack, a journal, and the clothes on his back. Next thing we know, he is been chased by cops, saved by a hot chick with a katana, and got into a school of assassins. Writer Rick Remender bring a steady hand to the story but the star of this issue is artist Wes Craig and colorist Lee Loughrigde. Wes' style is prefect for this story. It is striking and show the frantic energy of Remender's story. Lee's work give the art a bleak outlook but the bluesy colors also give it an uplifting air at the same time. Pick this up but be warned; it's so good, you will be back for #2!

Justice League #27- Of all the "Forever Evil" tie-ins so far, most of which were crap, this issue is one of the best. Writer Geoff Johns has decided to move away from all the battles and concentrate on character development. Cyborg has been slightly forgotten on the JL team as most of the attention are focused on his more famous teammates. This issue show the character as he could be done with his troubled relationship with his father coming to the fore. Of course it help immensely that artist Ivan Reis is on hand to give us a much better looking Cyborg. An excellent issue all-around. 

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