Thursday, January 16, 2014

Not What Comics Fans Need

People who read my blog regularly know that I take regular potshots at Marvel. In Marvel, we have X-Men comics, Avengers comics, Spiderman comics...and nothing else. They are an easy target; there are currently more than 10 ongoing monthly series under the X-titles!

One of the best thing about DC and it's New 52 launch was the fact that they gave room for fringe titles like "I, Vampire", "Animal Man", and "Demon Knights" to be released. All 3 of these titles had ended (or ending as in the case of Animal Man) and unfortunately it seem DC is going the way of Marvel. 

With Forever Evil ending in March, DC will release some new series in April. First up are "Sinestro" and "Aquaman and the Others". Now I actually look forward to "Sinestro" (have to watch and see with The Others), but I also wish DC hadn't announced the titles. 

This is because with "Sinestro", we now are going to have 5 Lantern series! We have "Green Lantern", "Green Lantern Corps", "New Guardians", "Red Lanterns", and now "Sinestro"! If that's not taking a page out of the Marvel playbook, I don't know what is. 

We, fans of comic books, don't need 5 monthly Lantern titles! We need more titles like "I, Vampire" and "Animal Man"! Yes, for those wondering I am still pissed that "I, Vampire" got cancelled and we need titles like them. Fringe titles that tackled the niche, quirky side of comics. That's what we need. 

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