Saturday, January 4, 2014

Men & Women Are Different

The U.S Marine Corps is trying to get women into combat roles and as such, there is a change in the physical requirements women need to meet to get into the Marine Corps. Unfortunately, more than half of female Marines in their boot camp can't do three pull-ups, the minimum passing standard under the new rules, so the U.S Marine Corps have to delay (aka ignore) their new rules.

Now as a guy who was in an army myself, I can say the pull-ups are a bitch. I always have problems with them so I can understand why women would have problems with them as well. However I think the blame lies not with the women here but with their commanders. I don't why they are trying to raise the standards of women physical tests. 

I don't get it because men and women are physically different. That's just a simple scientific fact. From what I read so far some idiot in the U.S Marine Corps thought that men and women would be able to have the same physical standards?

I mean if you want to move women into combat roles; do it. Other armies have done so but anyone who think men and women would be able to take the same test and reached the same standards (even the minimum standards) are in dreamland. Even if women passed the tests, they would never reach the maximum standards of men. It's just not physically possible.

I am all for women in combat roles. I don't understand why but if they want to do it, let them do it. However men and women will always be physically different and refusing  to accept that is just going to cause more problems than solving them.  

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