Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Laughing About Ice

                                Ice builds up along Lake Michigan in Chicago, Illinois

You have to hand it to the Americans. Almost the entire eastern seaboard of North America is under ice and there's reports that things are going to get worse with a blast of arctic air heading that way, but what do Americans do? 

They laugh about it! 

With temperatures going dangerously low, New York expect temperature to plummet to -26C (-15F) with wind chill, American media are full of reporters joking about how cold it is. On CNN, the reporters were comparing temperature in cities across the world, with one saying it was colder in the American city of Atlanta than it was in Moscow! Another even compare their temperature to those in Iceland! 

With temperatures expected to go lower in the coming days, humor is a good thing to have. Now if only they can convince their politicians that there really is such a thing as global warming... 

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