Monday, January 6, 2014

Do Not Rule It Out

The U.S Secretary of State, John Kerry, has publicly said that the U.S will help Iraq fight al-Qaeda-linked militants who had taken over the city of Fallujah, but the Americans are not planning to send troops back into Iraq. Honestly, as war-weary as I know the Americans are, this is a bad decision. 

Although Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has not asked for help and the Iraqi army could very well defeat the militants without American help, ruling out helping the Iraqi outright sent out a bad signal to the rest of the world. Or to be more exact, it sent out a bad signal to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The Taliban will see what's happening in Iraq and go, "hey, we can do that here in Afghanistan after the American leave later this year!" And you know what? They would be right. Even if you are not sending any troops back to Iraq, the U.S government should/must not publicly say sending troops back to Iraq is out of the question.

Think about it; The U.S invaded Iraq in 2003; ended combat missions in 2010; left in late 2011; 2 years later, al-Qaeda took over a city; and the Americans confirm to the world they will not sent troops to help the Iraqi government they left behind. That's almost as if you're are leaving a playbook for the Taliban.

Even if it's true, even if the world knows it's true, you still must not say you are not going back to Iraq. That's not just bad policy, that's giving hope to your enemies.

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