Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Super Sandstorm

China is now widely known as a country with great pollution. There has been food scandals, undrinkable water, and heavy air pollution in it's cities. In Northern China however, the problem is dust and sand storms. 

Now I know that sand storms are so bad there that sometimes even the Chinese capital of Beijing suffer from the problem. However I can safely say I never realised how bad the problem is until I read this story.

Sand storms in Northern China are so bad that the storms can be seen from space!

One of NASA's satellites captured this image on April 23 which according to NASA show a sandstorm covering the city of Dunhuang in northern China. The storm forced residents to don masks, but that's almost underplaying the situation when seeing this image.

A sand storm that can be seen from space? We need a new name for that; any suggestion? 

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