Thursday, October 2, 2014

Comics this week

Justice League #34- After the momentous mistake that was Future’s End, we now get back to the regular Justice League and see how much fun writer Geoff Johns has with the new team lineup. One thing about JL is that the team was always tight. No matter how much tension there was between the team members, you always know that when it comes down to it, they will always have each other’s back. That’s not so much the case with Lex, Cold and Power Ring now on the team and the new status quo is fun. And it’s not just Lex Luthor; even Batman and Superman are now playing the intrigue game as they schemed to take down Lex, their own teammate! More of this and we can all forget about Future’s End. 

Moon Knight #8- When it was announced that writer Warren Ellis and artist Delcan Shalvey would leave the series after 6 issues, a lot of people had good reason to wonder how Marvel would continue the hot streak that was Moon Knight. The answer comes in writer Brian Wood and artist Greg Smallwood! Their first together in #7 continued the good work that Ellis and Shalvey did but in this issue, they hit it out of the park! The entire issue is told in a series of geometric shots pulled from cellphones, TV screens, drone cameras etc, and it works! Greg Smallwood need a pay rise for the brilliance that he displayed in this issue and how well his art mesh with Wood’s story of Moon Knight infiltrating Freedom Tower in the middle of a hostage crisis. Sheer brilliance!

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