Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Get Rid Of The Man

As fears of a police crackdown grows in Hong Kong and the protesters sit down for talks with the Hong Kong government, I have to ask a simple question; Why is Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying so important?

I have to ask this because the man seem to be the central figure in the protest. One of the main demands of the pro-democracy protesters is the resignation of Mr. Leung. However that is something Beijing is refusing to grant. Why?

I mean it's obvious the man have little credibility left and even if he survive, he will find it almost impossible to govern Hong Kong. It is also obvious he is nothing but a yes-man for Beijing! Thus far under his leadership, his team has done nothing but rubberstamp everything given to them by Beijing. In short, the guy is not important!

So why don't China just get rid of him, appease the protesters, and put another yes-man in charge? I mean the guy is just a figurehead, so why not get rid of him and put in another (more useful) figurehead?

The reason seem to be face and pride and that is just stupid. Beijing need to look at the grand picture and the long-term. Hong Kong is not Tibet or Xinjiang, this is a problem that could be easily solved. Sure, some demands of the protesters like universal suffrage are not easy matters to solve but others like the resignation of a useless figurehead are. I mean is Leung Chun-ying really that important to them?

No! So get rid of him, that will defuse the situation and they can start getting protesters off the streets. If they don't and start cracking down, that will just galvanise the protesters and it may become a self-fulfilling prophecy. With Tibet and Xinjiang on their plate, that's the last thing Beijing need right now.


Anonymous said...

Ask the old man in your land. Like minded think alike you know

Ghost said...

Would Singaporeans go on the streets like people in Hong Kong? Sry but I doubt it.